Ako Martin
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Kentucky Mine
One mile north of Sierra City, CA on Highway 49 sits the claim of the well-preserved Kentucky Mine.

The Kentucky Mine found its’ inception during the late 1850’s, when a renewed interest in mining the Sierra Buttes prompted would-be entrepreneurs to once again tunnel into the mountains in search of gold. This fully operational stamp mill is built around the power of a brilliant, yet simple, gravity fed Pelton water wheel. By harnessing water pressure, belt driven systems provided the whole complex with both an innovative air compressor system for dynamite drilling, as well as an impressive milling operation that included ominous ore crushers (that complete the process of turning granite into pebbles) and rows of ½ ton stamps (the gears boast huge spiked teeth).

Various remains of the mill inspire a vivid image of what life must have been like for the hard-rock miners of a hundred and sixty years ago.